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In the haste to automate office procedures, many companies lose sight of the importance of long-term planning. The evolution of an integrated computer system begins with a master design plan that integrates existing capabilities with new technologies to meet each organizations specific needs. 

The information architects at TNSPLUS are specialists in designing customized solutions for your company's technology challenges of today and tomorrow. Our successful track record is based on the theory that a carefully researched and designed technology plan will result in a smooth transition to new hardware and software systems that are user-friendly and cost-efficient.

Changes in technology and the growing movement toward an information-based economy find many organizations asking such questions as "What are our needs? Where do we begin? Can we use our existing software, hardware and cabling?" 

TNSPLUS offers creative solutions that incorporate the "big picture" approach to your company's communication and information management challenges. Building on a foundation of 1 on 1 range planning and needs assessment, we develop a technology road map that meets your unique requirements and keeps you competitive. Using industry research, product knowledge and on-site analysis, we provide a full range of options in designing a system blueprint that integrates the latest in software, hardware, communications, Internet access, e-mail, training, and more.

Balancing your business' technological potential with current realities, TNSPLUS delivers a detailed, long term technology plan that includes diagrams, technology breakdowns by category, and budget pricing. Whether implemented all at once or in stages, the strategy we develop will facilitate the prioritization of your technology requirements and can be implemented in accordance with budgetary and staffing considerations. The resulting system will increase efficiency, enhance productivity and grow with your organization. As the rapid pace of technological advancements continues, we guarantee you won't be left behind.


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